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Freshly Made Sketches #577

Freshly Made Sketches #577 published on 6 Comments on Freshly Made Sketches #577

We have a wonderful new sketch up today at Freshly Made Sketches. This fun design is courtesy of our fabulous Judy Rozema and I love the options for those circles.

Like many of you, crafting is my respite from the craziness of the world. But with that, sometimes the craziness is what inspires what I’m making. The never-ending hate for anything that is different from oneself, the fear-mongering over things that truly cause no harm, the persecution of those who love differently — all of this weighs on my heart. I fear for the LGBTQ+ community. If one truly believes that we are made in God’s image and we understand that God is limitless, then how can we not also believe that there is no limit to the variance in humans? And that each and every person is the image of our transcendent God. We are losing young people (and older people) at alarming rates because we make them feel like there is no place for them. Each of us matters. What we bring to the world matters. Just like a rainbow, the beauty is diminished if colors are missing. We need them all. We need you all. And that is what was on my heart as I made this. Not saying this out loud seems complicit in the hate so today I will say it out loud. Love is love is love. And this world is better with all the love and with you!!

I loved these bird houses and sweet birds from the Little Birdies stamp set. I pulled out all the Copics (ok, I don’t have all the Copics but I pulled out a ton of them) to get the rainbow colors. The Barn Wood Planks dies are behind to match the sketch. The sentiment is from the Inside: Birthday Sentiments set, a beautiful and multipurpose set for birthdays and beyond.

Thank you for stopping by today. Please know that I generally keep this to only crafting but it is my space to share. I respect that there may be those among you that do not agree with my point of view. And that is ok as long as you are respectful that I am entitled to my perspective. Hateful comments will be deleted since this is my space to use as I see fit.


What you have written here is beautiful and so very true. I genuinely do not understand why everyone can’t be accepted for who they are – regardless of their own personal identity, race, religion and any other way that we humans choose to categorise people. Being very proud of having a very close connection to the LGBTQ+ community, I see how they can be hurt by others’ actions and comments. And for so many in this community, this wasn’t a choice – it’s how they were born. Anyway, I’d better get off my soapbox and turn my attention to your beautiful card which is so perfectly reflective of everything you have said. Hugs and love.

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