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Remembering published on 13 Comments on Remembering

This day has come again.  The day you want to forget except that you want to remember the special people and all that they meant to so many.  I feel compelled to write down something every year.  (You can read them here:  9th Anniversary10th Anniversary,  11th Anniversary , 12th Anniversary and 13th Anniversary).   As always, I find it hard to put into words how I feel about this anniversary.  As a United pilot, it is astonishing to think about all the changes to my company, our country, the world since that awful day.  Many of the changes make me sad but I also have to think about the good ones.  My boys, for instance.  On that day 14 years ago, I could hardly think, much less imagine where I would be now and how my life would be filled with laughs and smiles from these crazy, funny kids.  And my stamping.  I had never stamped or even considered anything crafty back then.  It was my furlough and all the family changes because of it that led me to stamping.  I needed a refuge, a happy refuge, and stamping filled a wonderful spot in my heart.  And the friends that have come via this hobby are a blessing!  So I’m going to break out a little and share a card with you but not a card that maybe fits the occasion.  Because sometimes it just flies like that around here.

Jen Timko - All Ye Faithful

I created this card for a swap with some of these dear friends I have met over the course of my stamping and I thought that maybe today was an ok day to share.  I love silver and blue together (maybe it is a legacy United pilot thing….I also have a soft spot for Rhapsody in Blue) and I used them to create this clean Christmas card using All Ye Faithful.  This set made me so happy when I saw it and I could not wait to get it.  I kept this one simple to bring focus to the Holy Family.  Hopefully exactly what we want at Christmas (and all year).  I used stars from the set Holly Jolly Greetings  and stamped them randomly to create the sky.  All the images were stamped in Versamark and embossed with Silver Stampin’ Emboss Powder.  I added some washi tape from the Watercolor Wishes kit and this beautiful Iced Rhinestone as the star.

I think this card kind of reflects how I feel about today’s anniversary.  I wish for people of good hearts and faith to come together with a single voice.  For love to win and for the quiet moments of reflection to help us find the light.

Thanks so much for letting me share with you.  I hope for you a safe and love-filled Patriot’s Day.

In memory of:

United 93:  Jason Dahl, LeRoy Homer, Lorraine Bay, Sandra Bradshaw, Wanda Green, CeeCee Lyles, Deborah Welsh

United 175:  Victor Saracini, Michael Horrocks, Robert Fangman, Amy Jarret, Amy King, Kathryn Laborie, Alfred Marchand, Michael Tarrou, Alicia Titus

American 11:  John Ogonowski, Thomas McGuinness, Barbara Arestegui, Jeffrey Collman, Sara Low, Karen Martin, Kathleen Nicosia, Betty Ong, Jean D. Roger, Dianne Snyder, Amy Sweeney

American 77:  Charles Burlingame III, David Charlebois, Michele Heidenberger, Jennifer Lewis, Kenneth Lewis, Renee May


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Hi Jen,

Gorgeous card! I love the blue and silver together along with the added sparkle. I remember well the night sky on 9/11… I grew up not far from MSP Airport and remember the eery quiet of the night sky without any airplanes in the sky other than the occasional fighter jet. The night sky in Minnesota was black with beautiful, shining stars.

Love that card! Can’t imagine the things you, family and your fellow co-workers have had to deal with. Thank you for taking the time to remember them even though I’m sure it’s hard. Remember the good times. No one can take that from you! Oh, and consider your card cased! 🙂

HI Jennifer,
I am not sure when I started following your blog, but sometime within the last year, I think. At any rate, I did not know, first that you are a Pilot. Secondly that you had been sharing your thoughts about September 11 for the last several years. When I read your post today, I stopped to follow the links to all of your other posts about this day. I have to say, they were all very moving. I cannot imagine what your family had to go through in 2001 and what your work fmaily has gone through all these years.
I am so glad you found stamping to help ease some of the sadness and pain. It is good for that! The cards you made for each of these posts have been very pretty, but more important than that, your heart has been in every one, shown by the words you wrote to accompany the post. Your sweet spirit shines through. Thank you.

Thanks Jen. I also missed the fact that you are a pilot! I so appreciate your tribute each year. My cousin, LeRoy Homer was flying that day and I was so impressed with the numbers of United staff who came out to honor him at his memorial services. Thank you for remembering. It means so much.

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