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Memorial Day

Memorial Day published on 5 Comments on Memorial Day

No cards to share today but I wanted to post on the meaning of Memorial Day for me this year.

All gave some

I spoke last week about the field trip that I took with my oldest son’s class.  Going to the Vietnam Memorial with children really changes the experience a bit.  When I watched how Jacob looked at the names on the wall and was inspired to thank veterans that were there, I was reminded about what it means to serve.  When I signed up for the Air Force, I think it was more about adventure and seeing the world….and flying cool planes, of course.  It took a while to really understand the rest.  I was lucky enough not to serve during years and years of war.  I went to regional conflicts (like Bosnia) but these weren’t the quite the same.  It isn’t that we didn’t have some risk, but at least as an AF pilot, I wasn’t entrenched in war for years.

When Jacob and I looked at the names on the Wall, we discussed that these were members of someone’s family.  A brother, a son, a husband…who didn’t return.  I wasn’t sure he could process that but when I look at the pictures he took, I feel like maybe he did.

Jacob 4

Jacob 2

Jacob 1

              A reflection of us in the wall
A reflection of us in the wall

Jacob 5

He is particularly proud of the picture that shows all the names with the Washington Monument in the background.  I like the one where he captured us in the reflection of the wall.  He told me it was because we were supposed to see ourselves in the names.  Hmmm.  I think he gets it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Artisan card.  Until then, I hope your day is safe and wonderful.

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Thank you for your service! As the wife of a retired Army National Guard Chaplain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, I do have some understanding of what it means to sacrifice. I’ve also taken a number of 8th grade classes on trips to DC. I’m glad your son got to experience the Wall.

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