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Fun Flowers Hair Band

Fun Flowers Hair Band published on 13 Comments on Fun Flowers Hair Band

I mentioned before that the Creative Crew Challenges this month required us to choose a color group for all of our projects.  I almost stumbled on the wearable art challenge.  What to make with Early Espresso, Cherry Cobbler and a neutral??!!  Then I remembered the Deck the Halls fabric!

I found a cool tutorial on these poofy flowers at Jones Design Company and I thought it would be fun to use on a hair band.  Now their tutorial has you hand cut flowers out of felt.  I let my Big Shot do all the work and it cut my fabric with the Fun Flowers Die (I cut about 5 layers at a time).  She also cut the little corner before adding the hot glue and I did not do this step.  I did not take pictures (unfortunately) because this was my first try and a big experiment.  Wish I had because it was easy!  The first thing I did was take my Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding roll and grab the end of the ribbon.  Found a center thread and started pulling until I had enough scrunched ribbon to double up for the center.  I simply folded it in half, added some hot glue to the ends and stuck it to the center of my felt piece (I did use felt as the base like in the tutorial…might try just the fabric next time).  I gave it some time to set up and then started adding the folded up flowers until the base was full.  Then I set it aside to dry.  I cut a slightly smaller circle from the felt and created a “sandwich”.  First the smaller felt piece, then the hair band, finally the decorated felt piece.  I attached the two felt pieces with hot glue and smooshed the hair band in-between.

My next critical step was to check it with the toughest critics of all…two 8 year old girls!  I knew they would be honest!  Two of my oldest son’s best friends helped me out and they are both “pictured” here with permission of their moms.  Now I thought about this as a hair band, of course, but apparently one of the new trends in the young girl crowd here is to wear the hair bands on their wrists.  I have to say, this is really cute that way!!  I am starting to debate other options including velcro.  These could be interchangeable but then just making a bunch to go with every outfit is easy enough.  I think I may make more for some nieces as a fun treat!  I knew was on to something by the reaction of one of the girls.  I took the hair band to a workshop at her mom’s house on Tuesday night.  I had promised her that it was hers as soon as I was done with pictures and the party.  In my packing up I inadvertently put the hair band in my bag and brought it home.  She was none too thrilled with me in the morning when she expected to get up and wear it to school.  Needless to say, I have fixed my error and saw her wearing it the very next day!

I will give you the cautionary tale of the hot glue gun.  Ummm, the glue is hot.  Yep, I was a little too quick to touch the glue while sealing the two felt circles and burned my finger.  Don’t let it happen to you!  My finger is fine…no worries.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite classes of the year, the Christmas Tag Class.  I will be back next week with some of the samples!  Until then, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Thanks for stopping in today!

Accessories:  Deck the Halls fabric, Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding, Big Shot, Hair Band, Hot Glue Gun, Felt


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