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Daylight comes to my stamp room!

Daylight comes to my stamp room! published on 4 Comments on Daylight comes to my stamp room!

As with many things, this post has been overdue for a bit but I really wanted to make sure I had time for a real product review.  Because lighting is SOOOO critical to all we do as crafters, I feel like I have been in search of the right lights for a long time.  And then something crazy happened.  I won some!  Like a whole, insane group of some!  Sarah of Sariditty is a brilliant quilter.  BRILLIANT!  She is a designer and artist and creates beautiful things.  And she swears by the lights from the Daylight Company.  Enough that she joined with them as a promoter.  And then she had a contest and I won!!  All of this happened during the chaos of my life so only during the holidays did I get a chance to properly set some of the lights up in my craft room.  And I have only begun to really assess all that I got.  But I’m going to start today with two of the products.  The first is the Luminos and the second for today is the Smart Travel Lamp.

Daylight Company - LuminosIn my first photo I wanted to show you a bit of what my set up looks like from afar.  I have been using the Luminos as my lighting for my desk for about a month.  It is a difference maker!  It provides a natural lighting that is great for all my coloring.   Bright enough to reduce eye strain but my colors remain true.  You can see that it clamps to my desk on the far side which works well for me to maximize my table space (translated, I can make a bigger mess).  The Smart Travel Lamp is a supporting actor for this post though.  Because all of these pictures were taken at night.  Yes, AT NIGHT.  Daylight photography is the holy grail, as many of us know.  But how many times does that just not work out?!  So I brought over this little travel light on the side to help balance my shadows while I took photos of this card for my Picket Fence Studios post a couple of weeks ago.

Daylight Company - Luminos and Smart Travel LightThis give you an idea of exactly how good the lighting was for my pictures.  My photos were simply taken with my iPhone 8 Plus with no additional features.  This was an aha moment for me!!  Less stress, less time, night time work can actually still get done!

Daylight Company - Luminos and Smart Travel LampA little more close up you can see how good the lighting is on my work station too.  Again, this is really a big help since my crafting time is not always on a good schedule for the best lighting.   As a reminder, here is the photo that was the result of of this set-up.

Beautiful Inside and Out by Jen Timko | Rose Bouquet Stamp Set by Picket Fence Studios, Zig Clean Color Markers, Watercolor, FlowersYou’d never know that it was not taken under optimal conditions or that it was 9p when taken.  Now while I have focused on how it works with photography, the real plus for me has simply been how much I feel a difference in my eyes while coloring.  I love to color!!  But my eyes do not.  And given that my eyes are one of the most important things in my flying, I will do what I need to protect them from strain.  Much of the time that has simply meant I cannot color as long as I’d like.  But the Luminos has changed that for me.  I don’t say that lightly.

So now the rest of the story.  Sarah is a Brand Ambassador with Daylight Company and as such she is able to offer us all a deal.  You get a 20% discount with this code:  SARIDITTY.  Just enter that at checkout and you get the savings.  Super easy, right??  That said, I do have some other products that I’m going to be testing soon.  These include the Slimline Light, the Halo Lamp and the Wafer Light Box.  If you have specific questions about any of these, let me know so I can address them for you.  I intended to do this all with just Instagram but found that it was so much easier to give specifics here.  Thanks so much for stopping in today.  See you tomorrow for the latest from Freshly Made Sketches.

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