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A New Chapter Begins

A New Chapter Begins published on 15 Comments on A New Chapter Begins

As with all great adventures, you have to find the end to start a new beginning.  And that is where I am now.  After almost 12 years of being a Stampin’ Up demonstrator I have decided it is time to leave.  There are a number of reasons, some personal and some professional, that brought me here.  But first…allow me a small trip though my years.

I was first introduced to stamping through some friends in my neighborhood.  They convinced me to come to a Stampin’ Up workshop pretty much kicking and screaming.  After all, I told them, I’m not crafty.  But I went and found that I could actually make something I liked and I had fun.  Hmmmm.  So I went to another event and stamped some more and eventually was a hostess and bought enough to make, well, nothing.  This was in the days before kits, you see.  As part of a one year assignment to Columbus, MS, I met my dear friend Brandi.  She was hosting a stamping event at a local coffee shop and I convinced some others to go with me.  I loved what we made and was happy to create with Brandi.  Over the year, she convinced me that I should give being a demo a go.  So for my birthday that year, I asked for my starter kit.  (There may have been some days that my husband regretted the decision to get it for me, haha!!)  And so it began.  Eventually, I was able to go to a Convention in Salt Lake City and I met some of my online friends in person and met my friend (and second level upline) Lisa too.  Now Lisa is a smart and business minded stamper and she asked me about my goals.  And gave me some space to consider them.  She knew that with my flying schedule, the business side would always be a challenge.  She and Brandi cheered me on as I decided to enter the competition for the Artisan Design Team.Artisan Design Team 2013And they were there when I was actually chosen for the team.  I could not have guessed how much this ADT group would come to mean to me.  They will always be a part of my heart!  I grew so much creatively over that year but I also found that my business was going in the other direction.  I enjoyed focusing on the process of making things.  Other opportunities have presented themselves and I found myself wandering further from the “Stampin’ Up Only” way of making cards.  But I adore my SU friends and stayed “for just a little longer”.

I finally came to a place where I knew it was time to make the decision to leave.  Again, a few things factored in but the biggest is that I want to explore other opportunities.  I can’t do that with one foot still in the door so I officially resigned last week.  While I haven’t had any SU orders from my blog in a while, I still want to share with you some contacts in case you need a Stampin’ Up demo.

  1.  Brandi Diaz  –
  2. Lisa Curcio –
  3. Michelle Suit –

All of these ladies are super talented and kind and wonderful and…..  You get the point.  A word of caution….Brandi has a way of convincing you to take a chance!  Take her up on it!!  Lisa has an amazing blog and creates videos that will blow you away.  And Michelle is local in Northern VA for those who would love to attend in person classes.  There is no wrong choice and they would love your business!!

I very much hope you will continue to follow me in my crafty adventures.  You, my followers, are a big part of why I continue to grow.  It takes courage to share creativity and you have always made it a little less intimidating with your sweet comments.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Now…on to the next chapter….

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Jennifer, I have always admired you AND your stamping style and I know you will be creative and successful in whatever you do, wherever you go! I am still feeling the thrill that I got when we actually met at a Regional so many years ago!!! I have toyed with the same thoughts over the last few years so I can understand the tug at your heart about leaving! But as long as you keep on stampin’, we’ll see you in blogland! Many blessings, my friend!

Hi Jen,
I did not even know you were a Stampin’ Up demonstrator- LOL. i found you when you were working with Newton’s Nook and loved your creations. I too am a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, but I would say a hobbyist, as I am pretty much my only and best customer, and I love stamps from me other companies, so have not been able to devote myself totally to Stampin’ Up products. Anyway, I hope you continue to create just for fun and share your talents with us on the blog. Take care!

I have loved your Stampin’ Up chapter and I will love your next chapters. May your stamping “book” be filled with many enjoyable chapters, and I look forward to reading them all! You will rock whatever you stamp with. And don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be a forever decision — you can always come back someday! 🙂

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