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Dasher found a friend!

Dasher found a friend! published on 7 Comments on Dasher found a friend!

Big post disclaimer…I did none of the work for this post other than taking the picture (my watermark is simply there as protection)!!  But I was so excited about this that I had to show you!

One of my dear stamping friends Brenda came over yesterday to stamp and she brought me the most lovely surprise!  Now it is no secret that I think Dasher is one of the best stamps ever created by Stampin’ Up.  That little reindeer has worked hard for me since the day he showed up on the big brown truck.  My stampers know this too, of course, since they get to make things with him every year.  Brenda found Dasher a friend for me and then packaged them together.  Yes…I was jumping up and down.

Brenda found Prancer from a company called Scentsy and knew how much I would love him too.  I mean really, look at him and the colors of his warmer (this company sells warmers that melt scented wax).  So not only did Brenda get this for me, she then went and created a card to go with it.  Seriously, how amazing is that??!!  Just look at the two together!

She made this gorgeous center step card with Dasher embossed in Black.  It is even more striking in person!  And the rhinestones add the perfect sparkle!  How lucky am I to have such a talented and generous friend??!!  I knew you would all love seeing this so thanks for letting me share.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  More Christmas cards will be coming your way next week (and maybe a sneak peek of the new Occasions Mini).  Thanks for stopping by today!



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