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Companion Cube Card – Ink Blot Shop

Companion Cube Card – Ink Blot Shop published on 1 Comment on Companion Cube Card – Ink Blot Shop

I have a just for fun card to share with you today! I mentioned recently about upping my game on cards for the males in my house. Today is one of those. You see, when you live in a house of “boys” (big and little), video games are a way of life, apparently. While I’m content to leave them at it, I also get to hear lots about the games. When I actually remember stuff, they are impressed with me. So that brings me to today’s card.

When I recently got a fun new set of products from Ink Blot Shop, one of the things I got was the Pixel Grid Stencil with Pixel Grid Masks. I had it out on my desk when my husband said that it looked like a “companion cube”. Not shockingly, I had no idea what he was talking about. So the boys showed me. And then, I actually got one (with chocolate inside) as part of a funny gift. See, the love language of our house. That inspired me to go forth and create an actual card. I used the grid, the small heart stencil and Karin Brushmarker Pros. I started with the center and then just kind of went from there. I added a sentiment from the coordinating Spaced Out Greetings set. The boys gave me feedback as I went along and my husband was pretty impressed when he got the card. Proof that I do listen (sort of) to all the conversations they have!

Hope your week starts great and I’m glad you stopped by today. Back soon with more that I have been making.

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