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The perfect “princess”

The perfect “princess” published on 11 Comments on The perfect “princess”

I’m on the road (again) but I wanted to update you all on the stamp drive I held for Sydney and RMHC.  I sold enough to have a workshop and Becky from West Virginia was randomly chosen as the hostess!! Congratulations Becky!  My thanks to all of you who purchased the set and also to Jean and my mom to making donations to Sydney’s Children’s Cancer Research Fund.  With their donations and the profits from the workshop (plus a little from me to round it off) we will have donated $100 to Sydney’s fund and $30 to the RMHC from the stamp sales.  I really appreciate your support and can’t wait to send the card to Sydney and her family this week!

I couldn’t leave you all without some pictures so I thought I would share some pictures of our “new” kitty.  Nevermind that she has been with us since January.  *smile*  Many of you wrote me such sweet notes when our sweet friend Pito passed.  After the holidays had come and gone, my dear husband asked when it would be time for a new kitty.  I put him off (scheduling, training, etc) and he looked at me and laughed.  Off we went to the local shelter!!  I went looking for another little boy kitty.  We have always joked that with  all the males in my house that I am the queen and there will be no other.  But a sweet little calico kitty had other intent.  She had been found with a splint on her paw that was in terrible condition.  The amazing team at the shelter removed the old splint and fur came away too.  They say that she never even complained.  That is her personality!!  She is fearless and trusting.  Yes, she chose us so we had no choice but to bring her home.  But what to name her??!!  My husband, again, solved the problem by designating her as the princess and thus the name Kate.  Here she is soon after she came to us.  Notice the orange fur on her right front paw where the damage had been.

Now I know many of you struggle with what to do about all that paper that comes in Stampin’ Up boxes with your lovely stamps.  Some of you have really creative ideas on crafty projects!!  Well, little Kate has another idea.  Apparently it is great for attacking and then the perfect location for a nap.

Of course, the paper is even better with a box!!  This box has become a part of my dining room decoration because I don’t have the heart to take it away.

She looks pretty pleased with herself, doesn’t she??!!  Notice the front paw is totally white now!  Wonderful what good food and lots of love will do!  Yep, she won the cat lottery and she knows it!

Thanks for stopping in today.  And thank you for all the support on the stamp drive.  See you again on Tuesday and Wednesday for this week’s challenges!


She is beautiful, Jen! I’m glad she was able to find such a wonderful home; she definitely looks happy. 🙂 We always have a Stampin’ Up! box and the packing paper in our dining room. They just love it and we don’t have enough company over for me to deny them their favorite bed.

Congrats on the successful stamp drive, Jen. Kate is adorable and lucky to have found a loving home. I received an SU order just this morning and gave the brown paper to our puppy, Dexter. He was running round the room dragging it behind him and having a great old time.

I had to do a double take when I saw your kitty photo! She is the “twin” to my kitty!
Her name (my son named her because of the coloring..said she looked like a painting)
is Mona Lisa. She loves anything fuzzy to play with and boxes. Sometimes she looks at us and you feel you can look right thru she is one fry short of a happy meal!
But we love her. She came from a shelter as well. Best of luck with Kate!

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